Monday, June 19, 2006

Gijon Polidor

Possibly the greatest circus clown of the "Golden Age" that no one has ever heard of, Gijon Polidor. Like Bluch Landolf, finding information on Polidor is harder than licking your elbow.


For more on the Polidor story we turn to correspondent Robin Estes:

I believe Polidor's real name was Eadward Guilliaume. He clowned for Ringling in the '20's, '30's and '40's. He died, tragically, in the '50's (maybe about 1956). Also, I believe he was from Cuba.

And forwards this info from Tim Tegge:

Apparently he worked in a very freelance style and mocked everything happening around him, including himself. He did the boxing gag with Lou Jacobs, Billy DeNeero and a tumbler, Charles Siegrist at various times (this comes from references in Fred Bradna's book).

Polidor's make-up was indeed a unique one, which underwent only minor alterations only throughout his career. In the mid-1930's, Ringling Barnum artists used his likeness on a lithograph. Johnny Meah has done extensive research on Polidor's life, with intentions of writing a book. GiGi and I have read some of the work in progress some time ago and it is a fascinating story.

-Tim Tegge


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Jeff Smith said...

Robin is an idiot. Edward, (Polidor) died in 1964 in Trenton State Prison. He axe murdered his girlfriend, Elena Nelson in kitchen of their home in 1961.

Jeff Smith said...

Robin is an idiot. Polidor died in Trenton State Prison in 1964, after being sentenced to 15-20 years in the axe murder of his girlfriend Elena Nelson, also a circus performer.