Monday, July 24, 2006

1950s Ringling Alley

A collection of clowns from the Ringling alley of the late 50s: (clockwise from lower left) Pre-Periwinkle Productions, Circus Report contributor Chuck Burnes, Gene Lewis, Paul Jung, Dennis Stevens, Albert White and , I believe, one of the Nelsons.

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Unknown said...

The clown in the photo IS Harry Neslon. Harry and his family lived in Barnum's Connecticut hometown but, at the moment, I can't recall its name. It's NOT Bridgeport. Harry amd his brother walked very tall stilts for years on RBB&B. If I remember corectly, 1956 was his last year with us. Chuck Burnes
P.S. - Any chance of my BUYING a copy of that photo? It's excellent! How much? Thanks!