Sunday, August 20, 2006

Paul Wenzel

Paul Wenzel

A very talented clown and a master at making enormous collapsible clown props from silk and wire. The closest contemporary equivelent would be what Fred Garbo does now with his Inflatable Theater Company.

A veteran of many shows, he continued to troupe into his 90s. I wish he'd shared the secret of his prop-making technique with some students from the first few Clown College classes.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

I loved the fish in the picture, what a fantastic prop. I'm really surprised no one has tried to duplicate his stuff, maybe they have and were unsuccessful. I've had a couple ideas but never follow through.

scruffy the clown said...

Was paul the clown wearing the mother goose costume in The Greatest Show on Earth? Also, Since the costume appears to be silk and wire, I was curious if it was Paul's handiwork?Just curious. the Junior Joeys want to know!

Mitch Freddes said...

I am duplicating the big fish right now . and yes it is piano wire and cloth. Mine is about ten feet long. It is a long and laborius task. so far I have put at least a months worth of time but when its done it will be well worth it. It was one of my favorite props since CC. 32 years later I'm finnally getting around to building it.

Anonymous said...

Wenzel's fish prop turned up in the mid 80's in Ringling's winter quarters in Venice Florida in a storage area. The silk had long rotted away, but the piano wire framework was still intact. The Clown College prop department re-covered it, and it turned up in one of the many clown gags auditioned that year in the graduation.

The gag didn't make the cut, and the prop has never been seen since. Sad.

Looking foward to the Mitch version.


JMN said...

Paul Wenzel was my related to my husband. I remember my father-in-law reminiscing that Paul Wenzel made his props.