Friday, January 05, 2007

Ringling 110th

Photos courtesy of USF Libraries Digital Collection

Comments courtesy of Gary Peare

Ringling 110th edition Blue Unit: L to R Jeff Darnell, Gary Peare (me!), and Joe Wesson. What the heck does Joe do these days?

Same show: Judybeth Ashworth, who is now an M.D.!

Ditto, Prince Paul (Hey Buddy! Hey Buddy!)

Another 110th shot of screenwriter Barry Berman. Barry wrote Benny & Joon.

All the above seem to be shot in the Venice Arena. I think I recognize one of the infamous windows over Joe Wesson’s shoulder

Undated, pre-110th shot of Mark Anthony

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Gary. Joe Wesson is living in Orlando and is one the performers at MGM in Disney World. His character of Frederick of the Hollywood Public Works ( a trio of maintenance workers who used to do a street act) was absolutely brilliant. He does a different character now I haven't seen yet but I am sure it's great.........Tom Dougherty

Anonymous said...

Gary asked about Joe Wesson. Here is a link to a character he created at Disney MGM when it opened in '89.

He has been at Disney MGM most of this time with the exception of parts of '90, 2000 and 2001 when he was working in Japan.

Gary said...

Tom Dougherty, you are the Jimi Hendrix of clowns! I hope you're well. We'll have to catch up next time you're in San Francisco!