Saturday, June 16, 2007


Photo courtesy of Marcelo PEPPO Melison

A 1974 or 75 photo of some of the comedy stars of the classic JRN Ringling Alleys meeting up to talk about the old days at Emmett's house.

From left to right: Freddie Freeman, Emmett Kelly, Ernie "Blinko" Burch and Lou Jacobs

I had no idea that Freddie was still around in 1974. It does beg the question "Did Freddie retire gracefully or did the Felds just not offer him a contract after the 1968 season?" If Otto was still on the road from '68-'72, you think he'd want his pal Freddie around.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Kelly and Mr.Jacobs, but can't tell who the other two are from the photo.

Mike Naughton said...

I believe Otto passed away in 1972 while RBBB was playing MSG.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

The "best of the best", too bad Otto wasn't there!

Adam said...

Great photo and piece of history!