Friday, January 18, 2008

JACKO FOSSETT: Billy Smart's Circus, 1972

Jacko Fossett with "Little Billy" Merchant on Billy Smart's Circus in 1972.

The beautiful Ringmistress in this clip is the still beautiful Ms. Yasmine Smart, one of the stars of this season's Big Apple Circus.

For more information on Mr. Fossett, please click the title of this post.


clown Zippo said...

well now we have seen allt he soap gags that ever existed in history:

brizio's, ringling versions, various coco's etc..

I vote for this one.

for me is the version of jacko fosset the best one.

I cant say why but I like it more then the others.

Anonymous said...

Are there any clips out there of the German trapeze artiste with this show, Manuela Burkett? Or any other part of this show?