Monday, June 09, 2008

THE INTERNATIONAL CLOWN HALL OF FAME: New Associate Board Members and Historians

I am extremely honored to announce Greg DeSanto and I have been asked by the Board of Directors to become Associate Board Members and Official Historians to the International Clown Hall of Fame.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. Now please make sure that the name of Charlie Cairoli is spelt properly on the list of inductees! (The first letter i is omitted). And the photo is of Charlie Jr. Trust a Brit to notice!!


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know the ICHOF will be in good hands. It has been so disheartening to see its slow spiral. Hopefully with the two of you involved this means only good things for the museum going forward! If I can be of any help with anything, please let me know!
(BTW, I was sorry to have missed your performances this past week - I only live about 1.5 hours out of Waukesha. Hopefully I'll be able to catch you if you ever come back to these parts).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Greg and Pat. That's great.

Don said...

Two excellent choices. There aren't that many clown historians...historian clowns...clowning historians...whatever it is, you guys are definite it!

All the best,

Don Covington