Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FREDDIE FREEMAN: Autographed Photo

Photo courtesy of John Peters


Mike Naughton said...

I believe Freddie was an uncle to Mike Freeman who presented his SANGER'S DOGS on Big Apple and Ringling.

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy your "clown alley" and on reflection brings to mind a person who I would believe was the greatest Circus Clown Fan and a wonderful Circus Fan in general. He was a quiet unassuming little man, soft spoken and was an affluent Undertaker from Patterson, N.J. named Joe Minchin. He naturally loved Emmet, Otto, Freddie, Felix, but all the clowns and performers. His great joy was to get a banquet room and host a big dinner for people with various shows in the area. I have no doubt that he helped those that were a little down on their luck. But the clowns were his favorite and I feel it is important that Joe be mentioned on your "Alley". If he were alive I am certain he would enjoy it. I am an old man, but hope there are some out there that would fondly recall Joe Minchin. Thanks.