Saturday, June 13, 2009

ZIPPY & HIGH TOP: Swan Bros. Circus (2009)

Terry is downstairs grooming the dog. I have to stay upstairs when she does that because it bothers my allergies.

Shane had pancakes this morning!

Tonight Terry may take Shane and some friends to the boardwalk while my friend John and I go to a show in Philadelphia.

I need more Acai berry juice; we're almost out.


Anonymous said...

Wow...KISS sure has gone downhill since I last saw them!


Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad when the audiance is more entertaining than the performers. That little girl who did the windmill was my favorite part of this.

Mr. Lee said...

hi Pat, does the juice really work???

Anonymous said...

was he a mime or clown?atleast the other guy had a better costume but still had a crappy makeup job

Mr. Pitts said...

They're just fooling around between shows. These two actually own the little circus to the left of the shot, Swann Bros. I have heard they actually put on a very good show and are booked at fairs and festivals around California. They really are brothers and have been performing together for many years.

B.J. said...

Mike and Andy Swan, two really nice guys. Circus owners for mny years.