Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CESLEE CONKLING: December 6, 1965 - January 13, 1994

Photos courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center

A Graduate of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College Class of 1991, Ceslee was a clown on the Blue Unit from 1992-1994. Loved by everyone, she died tragically when the Blue Unit circus train derailed outside of Lakeland, Florida on the morning of January 13, 1994. Always helpful and concerned for her friends, Ceslee was killed enroute through the train to alert everyone of a broken wheel on the Clown Car. Always helpful, always concerned; that was our Ceslee.

~ Joel Heidtman

Pages from the program from Ceslee and Ted's memorial service

Ceslee's costume on display at the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center

Ceslee and Ethel
photo courtesy of Mike Weakley

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Anonymous said...

Dear God, has it been 16 years already; how time flies. Ceslee was a real sweetheart and is certainly still missed by anyone who knew her, including a couple of fans who only saw her all to few times.

Paul Gutheil RCD