Monday, January 25, 2010

CLOWN BAND: Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo (2010)

Video courtesy of Mike Naughton

Does anyone know what the story is here? John Cooper informed us last year that this group is called "Clowns en Folie". Every year I see video of this clown band in and around the festival in Monte Carlo but none of these clowns are never listed as appearing in the show.


Anonymous said...

the clowns en folie is a clownband that performs everywhere. All of them are musicians some of them clowns that also do perform in circus.
You can book them for parades, malls etc....
their leader is loretta. the female whiteface clown with the saxophone.
They are most famous for the monte carlo festival: they play at the entrance and they are always behind the price and princess when they enter at the gala.
No they dont do any clown acts in the ring.

Loretta however had a musical clownact for some years that worked in some french circi.

She has her own website and it guides you to les clowns en folies to.

Anonymous said...

The first performance of this group dated from 1968. Twenty clowns made up this team : Pitou, Oliver, Jimo, Sandy, Picq, Freddy, Bibi and Jino Cantarelli, Toto, Pipus, Nono, Tania, Léonard, Charly, Dario, Rocky, Chicos, Cardinal, Papini, P'tit Jean, Francesca Chicos, Adrien Terme... Actually, some true musicians are dressep up, but they are not clowns.

Philippe Héran