Friday, June 18, 2010


Dear Mr Cashin,

My name is Mr Beluahed . I live in Brussels Belgium .I have been trying to find My uncle for years.I visited your blog and I saw some comments about Mr BENSAID.
Please could you help me contacting someone who knows him.

My family lost contact with my uncle in the mid-sixties. All we knew is that he used to work in a circus in Germany and that he moved to the USA in 1968. We haven't heard from him since. My family have changed their last name and moved from the city they used to live in . This may be why we never heard from him.

I read a lot about the people who knew him but infortunately I couldn't find any contact for help .

Hopefully you could help if you could contact the people who left comments on your blog.

Thank you very much for whatever information that you could give me or any other tips to carry on with my search.

My warm thanks to you Mr. Cashin,
Beluahed M

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