Saturday, June 26, 2010

PASCALINO: My 2nd Least Favorite Gag in the Whole World

No offense to Pascalino, I'm sure that he's an excellent clown, but I am declaring war on this routine. If YouTube is any indicator, EVERY circus in Europe, Russia and South America is currently featuring this gag.

I understand when people are influenced by a great routine but this one isn't even really very good. Why is everyone doing it???

I get it, you don't need props for it. It's something other than the bit with the four chairs.

There are better bits. PLEASE! Let's give this one a rest!

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Elmo Gibb said...

I'd love to shove his kazoo right down his throat--next to the whistle he uses in the elastic gag. What a shame--he has personality and does good falls. Using the whistle is akin to telling the audience he has no communication skills. I can't wait to see him do the "Tide" gag!