Thursday, August 12, 2010

TODD GRIFFITH: Medical Emergency

From Brandon "Dooby" Foster:

I'm sending this out to a bunch of circus folk and clowns so please bare with me...

Todd Griffith, a Red Show clown, had a seizure Tuesday night prior to an elephant brunch PR.

Once he was admitted to the ER he had a catscan taken which revealed a lump in his head. Several MRIs showed that lump was a mass over his brain: a tumor.

More than likely, he will be having brain surgery to have a biopsy taken of the mass, during which, as much of it will be removed as possible.

Please keep him, his family, and his doctors in your thoughts and prayers.

You can send him a get well message by going to: Click on send patient an email. You must type in his name: Howard T Griffith, room: B422, and type a message. They will be printed and delivered to his room every day.

Thank you for your love and support,


Todd is at Harris Methodist in Ft. Worth, TX and it would be truly wonderful if everyone could take a moment to send him a message and to help spread the word. As we've seen here before, the power of encouraging messages and positive energy in situations like this can make a world of difference.


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear this. He is such a fun guy and great clown!


Sean Carlock said...

Message sent please keep us updated as you hear more.

Unknown said...

thanks for passing along this info - please keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts, prayers, and positive energy are with him during this time.

Miguel Angel Juan
Hammonton, NJ.