Saturday, November 06, 2010

CIRCUS RONCALLI: München Premiere "All You Need Is Laugh" (05/11/2010)


Anonymous said...

So... basically, Larible is now ripping off Shiner?

The pig's in a new dress, but the beats are the same!

Pat Cashin said...

Larible has been doing this bit since the early 90s. It is a riff on the same participation gag that he's known for.

I don't know that I would level the accusation of ripping off Shiner at Larible for this one, what with the world being FULL of people doing the silent movie gag verbatim.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Larible hater to me. The man on Roncalli is possibly the best circus clown in the world. He's amazing.

Anonymous said...

what a ridiculous comment: larible ripping of shiner.. tsss.
Its not the silent movie gag. Just audience participation. And when every clown that does audienceparticipation you accuse of rippof ... you will have a lot off work!!
Its like a juggler accusing : he use 5 clubs like another one!
As far as I know the operascene is originally Larible. How about the 1000 versions of Laribles orchestra gag that is ripped of exactly beat after beat.... much worse!