Saturday, August 13, 2011


Wouldn't it be great if we unlearned all of the deeply, profoundly "important" lessons that we've learned about clowning and just simply tried to make people laugh?


tommy moore said...

A sad 'devil's advocate' question re this story: Do you think the violence in video games has changed children's percetion or sense of humor regarding slapstick?

Anonymous said...

As a student of our art, I have listened to and have respect for the profound ideas on clowning and what causes people to laugh. Despite the theories and sometimes highbrow analysis, I still retain it is best to keep my actions toward the very simple reasons. Karl von Clauswitz, the famous Prussian General said it best. "In war, the simplest things are the most difficult." Todays clowns (myself included) sometimes have trouble making folks laugh if we don't have our security blanket (clown props) close by. I would like my clowning to advance to a point where I could clown without all these security blankets. Not to say props are not valuable, but all the geewhizbang props can't come close to getting water spit in the face, a finger stuck in a drawer, falling off a chair, or getting doinked in the head with a baton. Keith Karas

Weem said...

Very thought provoking. Thanks Pat. The audience in a 'superior' position always seems to work well...and when they know something the character doesn't know. I also like the bit about evil characters not being funny...they're contract perhaps...leading us away from the laugh and then back again.

Thanks for the post.