Saturday, February 11, 2012



Anonymous said...

Nice! but tobad that Christophe Ivanes the ringmaster is used as third person:now the water spitting part between the two augusts is cut out. You can't spit the o so serious Christophe Ivanes with water in the face
the video is cut togheter two or more shows. sometimes you see Lorenzo's nose and make-up disapear!

JOhn said...

Lorenzo's given surname is Massot. His professional name owes to the fact that he was once a member of Les Martini Llata.
These days he is semi-retired, but now and again will perform with his sons David and Serge as Les Martini. A recent appearance was at the Massy festival on the outskirts of Paris, France. Serge is the whiteface in the act, as well as having his own ventriloquism act. David works as a solo clown, although he does perform a qucik-change number with his lady partner (not sure if the word "wife" is strictly accurate). Nice people.

Anonymous said...

Les martini appeared also in Monte Carlo a few years ago. Cappucino is a Gruss. but how hes related to the family Gruss: no idea

Dan McCallum said...

I love the class shown in this performance.

I also realy like this ringmaster...again pure class!!!

Thanks for sharing!!