Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Put on a pot of coffee. You're going to be here a while.

Copeland, you're going to want to bring a change of underwear.


John said...

The lady is Charlie's daughter, Paulina. I'm not sure if she'd married Albert Schumann at the time this was shot. She is mother to Benny Schumann, and she's still with is. Living in Spain. In her 90s, but not looking it.

Mario Rutelli said...

yes!! finally i have seen the drahtseilnumber of Walter Galetti. And it pleases me very much that my very own clown teacher Bruno Stutz from the Chickys apears in this!! I going to meet him again next week. And i'm going to ask him about this video that exists about the Chickys.
This is lovely to see. So much great material with all the greats. MORE!! MORE88

BethGrimes said...

I just figured out how to watch this through my blu-ray player on a 50" TV with surround sound! I know what I'm doing tonight!!!! Open invite, folks! -Beth

Keith Karas said...

A wonderful collection of clowns whose understanding of the basic human spirit is translated through their art. Bravo! Thanks Pat for sharing this with us!