Tuesday, August 07, 2012

CIRCUS PEOPLE (Circa 1940s)

Shot on the Cole Bros. Circus in the 1940s. At about the six minute mark they begin to feature the clowns. I believe Horace Laird is misidentified at "Otto", Otto Griebling is misidentified as "Mike" and Mark Anthony is correctly identified as "Tony".

In the background there may be Art Cooksey and Bobby Kay. If someone could ID them for certain we'd have a better idea of when this footage was shot.


Lane Taburt said...

Pat: There's a full-color YouTube version of this film available at this link, but with time code embedded, (Non-coded version available for licensing) It's worth watching.


Apparently it was shot in Wilmington (NC or Del?), but I'm not sure of the date (listed as 1950). It was produced by Academy Films.

John Polacsek said...

The date was September 27 1946. The show was on the Washington & Hill lot in Los Angeles for a ten day stand. The large hotel in the background made it a popular lot. It is not 1950 since the Cole show closed on August 5, 1950. John Polcsek