Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Davis Vassallo: Bounding Rope

Press release from the Festival: 

Guest Star: Davis Vassallo, Italy - Clown
Representing: RINGLING AND BROS. CIRCUS - BARNUM & BAILEY SPECIAL PRIZE "GIULIO MONTICO" 2013 Davis Vassallo has already appeared at Latina as a "Special Guest" during the 12th edition of the "International Circus Festival -- City of Latina", and returns this year in honour of the "Special Anniversary Edition". Davis comes from a long pedigree of Circus performers: his grandfather and father were both clowns and he decided as a child to follow in the family tradition. With his father's help, Davis learnt to play a number of musical instruments, learnt the importance of long hours of rehearsal, and learnt the art of being funny: he became a clown. His long-awaited début was at the age of 15, and since then Davis has never looked back, performing in Belgium and Germany as well as in Italy. Audiences of all ages have appreciated his dynamic and witty performances, watching his antics with great attention and enthusiasm. His love for his art can be evinced from his own words: "to be a clown is to dream, and dreaming is the most wonderful thing in the world!" His appearance at the Festival at Latina is rather special, because it is also his last performance before his official début in America with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, one of the greatest Circuses in the world; a début that has all the signs of a new and brilliant phase in the career of this young Italian clown, who, we can safely say, is destined to be one of the brightest new lights to sparkle on the international Clown scene.

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