Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Francescos 1955: Boxing Gag Video

Video of what looks to me to be the Francescos doing a boxing gag in 1955.

Unfortunately, I can't show it to you here.

Google videos does not allow you to embed video the way YouTube does so you'll have to cut and paste the address below into your web browser window...


It's only a few seconds of video but it's well worth your trouble for the chance to see a absolutely flawless execution of a "toothpick" in live performance.


Mr. Lee said...

every thing they did was priceless, I love the chair and plates!! I believe it's in rings around the world.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

What you see on the screen following the fight is interesting, it is definately an Aerial Bar Act. The only one I know of with a low pedastal like that were The Ibaras.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

I jump to conclusions, it looks like the guy is on a fly-bar, I don't understand the cross bar between the pedastal & fly-bar.( I think I just wiped out my 1st comment, must be my "somezeimers" again)

24-HOUR-MAN said...

Now to get to the video,great timing,,,,,,the little flipping of the gloves after he is down, that's "the touch"!

Anonymous said...

I'd thought you'd be interested in this: The white clown, Francesco, his daughter, Juanita, is married to Charley Hortabagi.I know I just misspelt his last name.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Les Francescos do appear in "Rings Around The World" with the boxing routine, plus the plate smashing. It was shot on Circus Knie in Switzerland, obviously in the French speaking area.
The Larible double trapeze number in "Rings" was also shot on Knie. One of the brothers is David Larible's father.
Considering the 3 Caroli brothers started clowning as a favour to their boss when the clown act left (they were riders), they didn't do too badly!
Lest you don't know, Francesco Caroli died in May 2004.
Alberto Caroli (who works white face at Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, France, for the winter shows there) is a grandson of Enrico Caroli, the principal auguste in the act. Alberto's brother, Enrico, is a fixture on Knie these days.
The third principal in the clip is brother Ernesto. All 3 have left us now.
Lest you're wondering they're not related to the late, great Charlie Cairoli, as the different spelling indicates. Les Francescos were Italian. Charlie was French, although he was born in Milan, Italy, during his parents only engagement in Italy. (And that "accident" got him interned during World War 2. He'd do 2 shows a day - and then spend the night working in a munitions factory!)


Mr. Lee said...

Thanks John! nice to see some fans from "across the pond" commenting.

Anonymous said...

This is just one of the clips at


Included are some great clips of the Fratellini Juniors and Coco. If anyone figures out how to get the full videos, please tell us.

Anonymous said...

There are some great clown routines, plus other circus gems,on DVDs of "Le Piste Aux Etoiles", a TV series shot at Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, France, over the years. I can only refer you to the website


which is an online store for a massive French chain. It is mainly in French, but not impossible to find an English language section.
There are FNAC stores in main French cities, and ceratainly one in Monte Carlo for those who go to the Circus Festival there.