Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Morning Art Gallery w/ Mike Keever

Artwork, photo and memories courtesy of Mike Keever

Cowboy Mike Keever sez: "This very near and dear to my heart..."Eye of the Clown". It is the painting that I did from my logo that I had in I want to show everyone... the view of the world....through....the...Eye of the Clown."

"Baby Cowboy first season...'77-'78 I later came out of the clown car with this hat on and would lasso Lou. It was fun everyday because Lou would for real try to make me miss him, which I did some. He always had that sparkle in his eye...that of a big kid out there playing...which I could also see from Ring 1 (Mule Gag) all the way down to Ring 3 (Hunting Gag)...Eric Braun between us in Ring 2 (Comedy Dog) It was a game for both of us. When I would catch him...and I would see him at the back curtain as we exited, backstage...Lou would say...

'Oh Jeez, Ya' got a lucky shot!'. and we would both smile and laugh. Good time!!! Very Good Times!!!"


Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Clicking on the title of this post will take you to more info on Mike's artwork from the Cel-Ebration Art Gallery in Red Bank, NJ


JustLarry said...
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JustLarry said...

funny cowboy mike story (does he read this thing?)
Memphis was going to get a Circus Circus , so they had auditions for performers and I (16 years old) tried out.
But so did some Joe Shmo theater major who earlier that day found a old ringling program at an antique mall and COPIED a clowns make-up out of the book.
When I asked him why (because I recognized clown face on this random guy) , he said and I quote, "That guys probably dead or retired, no-one here is gonna know who that guy is"
He stole Cowboy Mike's MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!
and the host of the Public Auditions was COWBOY MIKE in full Make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!