Friday, April 20, 2007

DAVID LARIBLE: Scarf Juggling Ballet

Closing out this week of Larible videos, here's David's scarf juggling ballet from Circus Massimo in 2002. Also in this clip is a fairly amazing rola bola act but we don't care about that, do we? No we most ceratinly do not. Not here.

They aren't posting Otto Griebling or David Shiner clips on rola bola blogs, are they?

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Anonymous said...

It was worth it to sit through the scarf juggling to watch the rolla bolla. I actually like David Larible in small doses. I saw him years ago on Circus Tihany and he was pretty good in a smaller venue. Buckles Woodcock told me that David would visit the Big Apple show, sit on a chair outside the back door, watch the comings and goings and never speak to anyone. David's father was better doing the knife throwing gag. I saw him once on Ed Sullivan. I first saw the gag when I was about seven (1958?) done in a comedy revue on stage.

Pat, thanks for putting up all the Fumagalli videos. He will certainly be a smash next season on Big Apple. No wonder he has been on Roncali for so long.