Sunday, May 27, 2007


Photo courtesy of Bill Strong

From Bill Strong:

"Here is a picture of Francesco from 1994 when we did a Winter date with him in Holland. A very humble, and friendly gentleman, & a pleasure to be around. I do hope he has recovered from his health problems and has returned to the Big Apple"


I have never had the pleasure of meeting him. It seems like it certainly has been a long time since I've heard anything about Francesco's recuperation. I hope he's doing well and is back to work by this point. His son does a marvelous job but we'd all like to see the real deal again.

Don Covington, is there any news?

And to visit Bill Strong's excellent circus blog, YESTERDAY'S TOWNS, please click the title of this post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Francesco is still recuperating at his home in the south of France. In the interim, his son, Melchior, continues to perform as Francesco in STEP RIGHT UP! with Big Apple Circus.

Don Covington

Pat Cashin said...


Thanks for the latest update and please pass along our wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.