Saturday, January 26, 2008


Photo courtesy of AUCIRQUE, comments courtesy of Barry Lubin

From Barry...

I am in Monte Carlo and what an experience this has been!

There were four shows in the competition with Grandma performing 4 acts in two of those shows. I won no major prize, but I seemed to have succeeded here otherwise.

The audience received the character very nicely, and now we are doing shows post-competition and the audiences are fantastic. What fun finally to just go out there with no other agenda than showing up and having fun doing my thing.

The festival performances have been running 4 1/2 to 5 hours each. Amazing huh, but people do stay and frankly, they are witnessing some of the greatest talent the world has to offer.

I have met some wonderful folks and have joked around with the producer of the Festival, Princess Stephanie. She is a huge fan of the circus and has been quite gracious to all of us. Tonight she personally asked me to sing Unforgettable in the show with her bodyguard, which I considered a great honor and it was my pleasure and the audience's to sing and dance with this huge, bald man.

Life is good!

Barry Lubin


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun from the ones who have participated in this great affair in MC. When it comes to the circus it sounds like holy ground to walk on. I will one day have visit this fabulous event. Congratulations on your venture Mr.Lubin.

Anonymous said...


It looks like you are enjoying your dance with Mr Big just a LITTLE TOO much. But then you always were a 'method' clown. I still have nightmares from the ventriloquist gag.

So, on another note... how DO you answer the question, "Have you ever been a-broad?"

Congratulations Barry!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Barry, every time I eat popcorn I steal your shtick. When my kids became teenagers they acted like they didn’t know me when we went to the movies. When I play with popcorn clowning I credit the laughter to you, not too many folks know what I’m talking about, (I really need to learn Spanish) but it gives me something to say.

Thanks, you do clowning a great service with you gift.