Tuesday, January 22, 2008

JEFF DARNELL REMEMBERS: Ringling Blue Unit, 1980

Photos courtesy of Jeff Darnell

Jeff Darnell performing a walkaround.

Tuba Heatherton using Richard Fick's falsie as a drumpad

Peter Pitofsky in the Alley.

Michu getting ready to rush into a phone booth to change into Alf.

Jeff Darnell practicing his drumming at his trunk as young Florian Richter looks on.

Portrait of The Artist As a Young Kid: The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, a young Florian Richter.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Darnell-- Jeff Darnell . . .
The name kept ringing a bell.
Then I saw the cat in the trash, and it all came back in a flash!

That was one great prop!

Gary said...

Is Florian now a star? I still remember his mother Carola Richter dropping him off in the Alley before their act. "Gairy, vill you watch Faloriyun for me?" I would have walked over burning elephant dung for her. One of the guys had a Campagnolo bicycling cap that he liked to wear. We taught him to say "Camp an YOLL Oh!" which was profoundly cute. You had to be there.