Monday, February 11, 2008

MYSTERY CLOWN: Georgetti Brothers

Photo and comments courtesy of Marcelo Melison

From Marcelo...

Here you have yet another photo of the Mystery Clown... I don't know the Clown drawing the caricature (can HE be another Mystery Clown?) but the two other Clowns are the Georgetti Bros.

Looks like a Shriners' Circus, don't you think?. By the way, the previous photo was taken in 1949, so that can give you an idea about the age of the photo you posted in your blog...

Best always,
Marcelo PEPPO Melison

The clown at the easle drawing the caricature looks like Sa-So, which would most likely make this the Hamid-Morton Shrine Circus.

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24-HOUR-MAN said...

Penny & I were looking at this tonight, and she said yes that is SaSo, & that he was a very talented caricaturist.