Thursday, February 28, 2008


New York Downtown Clown offers 2 workshops in March!

#1- March 3rd Clown Playground- Classic Clown Acts Video Presentation

The video presentation will be one hour and 30 minutes of classic
circus clowning from around the world, culled from hundreds of hours
of film and video that Pat Cashin has collected over the last 25

The March video presentation features:
Tom & Tammy Parrish, Lou Jacobs, The Rastellis, Walter Galletti, Otto
Griebling, The Pickle Family Circus clowns (Bill Irwin, Geoff Hoyle &
Larry Pisoni) , Barry Lubin, Jeff Gordon, George Carl and Charlie

WHEN: Monday, 3/3/2008, 9-10:30pm
WHERE:440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St. (btwn Astor Place and 4th St. and
across the street from The Public Theater.) Studio 4E, on the 4th Fl.
FEE: $10

Space is limited for the playground, so reserve your space by emailing them at


#2- Slapstick Dojo Starting March 5th!

As seen in BACKSTAGE Summer Training Spotlight!

The focus of this class is instruction and development of comedy
trips, falls, slaps, kicks and comic uses of props. This is an ongoing
class with rolling open admission. The class operates similar to a
yoga or martial arts class, where students of all skill levels are
encouraged to come to "work out" and further develop technique. Each
class will include instruction in specific skills and exercises that
will teach students the methods and moves of slapstick greats from
silent films, circuses, and contemporary physical comedy.

To sign up email them at info@...

Class taught by Joel Jeske and Christopher Lueck.

WHEN: Every Wednesday of the year from 6-7pm, Starting March 5th,2008.
WHERE: West Side Dance Project - 260 W 36 Street, 3rd Floor.
FEE:$15 per class or $50 for a month pass.

For more information on these classes visit

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Could we see some footage of the original Pickle clowns on this site ?