Wednesday, July 02, 2008

BILLY VAUGHN: With Mike Snyder, Vidbel's Olde Tyme Circus

Photos courtesy of Billy Vaughn

Billy Vaughn and Mike Snyder: two clowns, looking exactly like what clowns are supposed to look like, doing precisely what it is that clowns are supposed to do on an indoor Vidbel date.


Anonymous said...

The top photo is mine and it was taken in Altoona, Pa during a performance of the Jaffa Shrine Circus. Bottom photo could be mine too...I took alot.

Damn! I've got to get on your blog much more often, got many photos I'd like to get "out there" to honor the likes of Mike Snider,
Billy Vaughn, "Eggroll" Kane, Dusty
O'Donnell, Mitch Freddes, Alan Ware, Dusty Sadler, Barry Lubin, some guy who goes by the moniker "Cashew" and many, many others.

Paul Gutheil, CFA...that's Circus Fans of America AND Clown Fan Always.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for those wonderful photos! If you or anyone can give me some contact info. for Mike Snyder, I'd really appreciate it. We were great friends in the 80's (he was on Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. then), and we lost contact. Anybody know where he's performing now? I want to write a biography of his fascinating life under the big top..thanks for any help! GREG