Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Was ist dieses?

Wie kann dieses sein?

Charlie Rivel and Lou Jacobs (and Don Saunders) on the same bill at an international festival in September of 1972???

Someone out there must know SOMETHING about this one!

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Raffaele De Ritis said...

This took place in Siracusa, Sicily, in the early 70s for few years.
It was for awhile a very prestigious clown Festival, very well known in the business. The organizer, Pino Correnti, had the collaboration of many circus impresarios from around the world, including Johnny North, that at the time used to live often in Italy.
This organization created an award called the "golden clown" (before Monte Carlo). It took place at Siracusa amphitheatre, perhaps the oldest greek theatre on earth. Every year, about ten of the best clown acts from around the world were reunited, and awards assigned by movie stars and circus directors. All the greatest of the time performed there: Rudi Llata, Barios, Cairoli, etc. On this bill, Jacob and Saunders performed in the same edition. Rivel was guest of honour , I'm not sure he performed.
The event lasted few years. Somebody tried to reestablish it in the early 90s but in a minor scale.