Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LOU NAGY: Taschen Book

A photo of Lou Nagy balancing a top hat (watch out there, Kris Kremo!) from the new Taschen book on the American circus.

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Anonymous said...

Truly a clown complete. Was on Ringling many years and then closed his career with Beatty. Probably the hardest working clown there ever was, who took his profession very seriously. Kenny Dodd who was producing clown at the time, could not find words enough to praise Louie Nagy for his devotion to clowning. Always willing to say, "Yes" when asked to do something. Really did a lot of heavy "Cherry Pie" during the early 40's with Ringling when we all helped to take the show down. He, with another guy, loaded the trunks in the wagon when they were brought to them by the rest of us,so he handled all the performer trunks, man and ladies. Jackie Le Claire