Wednesday, October 08, 2008

STEVE COPELAND:Explosive Diarrhea Inducing Warpaint

Photos courtesy of Steve Copeland

Sweet merciful crap on a crap cracker dipped in crap! Proving once again that you can't leave anything out in the alley with "thievin' gypsies" all around you, here Steve Copeland tries on my wig and nose while I'm out of the room and takes the opportunity to channel his inner Chesty Mortimer.

I'm thinking that Jerry Bangs has some competition here at the end of the month...


Anonymous said...

Pat, you look great in your . . . I mean, Steve, the wig is YOU . . . that is, Steve pats his wig . . . Wait--Pat steves his wig? . . . oh, my head hurts. I'm soooooooo confused! (Ni hao, my Mandarin brothers.)

Anonymous said...

I am scarred for life...thanks Steveareno!!!