Thursday, October 09, 2008

STORIA DEL CIRCO: Raffaele De Ritis' New Book

Dagli acrobati egizi al Cirque du Soleil

Bulzoni Editore

580 pages – More than 300 b/w illustrations - 36 colour plates
Chronological tables – index of 1400 performers and circuses
Hundreds of notes and bibliographical guide

The text is in Italian language
Price: 47 Euro Isbn : 978-88-7870-317-9

The most detailed existing study on the world circus history

From the oriental traditions to the Renaissance fairs; from the early equestrian pioneers to the golden age of the circus buildings; from the cultural influence of the American circus to the great European big tops; from the origins of the Soviet circus to Cirque du Soleil and the avant-gardes…

This italian work, after five years of research, considers all the major circus studies of the recent years and from the past, attempting a complete survey of "the greatest show on earth". The book considers the artistic and social aspects; details the developments of the circus techniques; the birth of the great circuses around the world; the economic and industrial issues; the development of the space, from the circus building to the modern big top; details the intricacy of the legendary dinasties; the relationship of the circus with the other art forms throrough the centuries. Every aspect is detailed with hundreds of bibliographical notes from international resources, books and magazine. Fully illustrated, the book is published by the prestigious Bulzoni from Rome, Italy's leading house for theatrical and movie studies. 

Even for the foreign reader, a reference book and an invaluable instrument of research in circus history. 

Raffaele De Ritis is a writer and director. He created projects with Cirque du Soleil, Soviet State Circus in Moscow, Togni family, the Circo Price in Madrid, La Biennale di Venezia, Spoleto Festival and Monte Carlo Princess Grace Theatre. He directed Barnum's Kaleidoscape for Ringling Bros. and Carnevale! For The Big Apple Circus. De Ritis is the consultant of Rai state TV in Italy for circus projects, and was member of the Circus Commission at Italy's Ministry of Culture. Former editor of italian circus magazine "Circo", he is author of hundreds of international articles about circus, theatre and movies. As teacher, he give courses for the University La Sapienza in Rome, the Accademia del Circo, the European Federation of Circus Schools. His previous book is Illusionismi (2004), an history of theatrical conjuring.


Pat Cashin said...

Unlike the recent Taschen book I trust Raffaele's book will get all of the clowns' names right!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if we'll see an English translation any time soon?

Rik Gern

Anonymous said...

This is sure to be a book worth having, even if you don't understand a word of Italian.
For the purpose of information, the whiteface on the cover is Percy Huxter, who is closely associated with Bertram Mills' Circus here in Britain.