Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"No amount of words can describe the friendship Dale and I shared. From the first day of Clown College until now. You were always a true professional and had a great love for the circus. It showed in everything you did. I am proud we crossed paths in this lifetime. You were an influence and always there to support whatever I did. Thank you for all the years."

- Jonathan Mitch Freddes


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, glad to see you on the blog and doing well we hope' Think of you often; still have pics for you.

Re This pic...sure do love clowns, but Who is that girl ? ?

Paul & Diane (Diane is not interested in my question)

Mike Naughton said...

Adrienne Barbeau (sp?) who played the daughter in the television series, "Maude".

Celebrity Night at the circus, most likely.