Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BEATRICE LILLY & LUPINO LANE: Napoleon Sketch, British Pathe (1934)


Titles read: "Now Andre Charlot presents - A topical glance at Beatrice Lillie and Lupino Lane (filmed at the Savoy Theatre, London)".

Andre Charlot appears on stage and announces "In the revue 'Please', that I am presenting at the Savoy Theatre, we are showing Miss Beatrice Lillie and Mr Lupino Lane in a new guise...". He goes on to explain they are to play a very dramatic scene as Napoleon and Josephine and that they have promised to treat the author's words with the greatest respect, but he will not be responsible for their actions.

Dissolve to Lillie & Lane on stage as Napoleon and Josephine. Sketch concerns Napoleon informing Josephine they must divorce for the good of France. There is much slapstick and falls as they argue, including tripping up, somersaults, chairs pulled from under Josephine as she sits, Napoleon hit on head with cosh and so on.

Josephine sits at desk and signs divorce agreement. Document is used to mime eating fish and chips out of paper. Josephine invites Napoleon to her 'apartment' and Lane speaks the line "Not tonight Josephine". She hits him in the face with a custard pie which brings sketch to an end.


Freelance Dork said...

I enjoy the fact that you're posting these Pathé links and appreciate the opportunity to see these performances. I remember Betsy Baytos mentioning Lupino Lane and showing some footage of him dancing at her presentation at the reunion. Sah-weet!

Rik Gern said...

Thanks for posting. I've seen very little of Beatrice Lilly, but have loved everything I've seen. I remember seeing a silent movie called "Exit Smiling" that featured her, and it was great. I don't know if it's on DVD or otherwise available, but see it if you can.