Saturday, March 27, 2010

NEW SHOES: Todays Clowns in Europe (Trailer)

New Shoes: Todays Clowns in Europe is a documentary about clowns of the turn of the century, from Carlo Colombaioni up to the present. It offers a vision of the contemporary clown, from the point of view of the most renowned figures of the genre, who show us how they think and act onstage and off. Through the play of two young clowns, we discover how these actors and the clowns they incarnate face the different aspects of life.

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Hi Pat!
I hadn't seen this post.
It's an honour to appear as a post on your page.
Thank you for sharing it with the clown comunity.
Still starting to distribute it to TV's and Festivals hopefully available for sale next year (we're a very small team)if you happen to know any festival that might be interested, please let us know so we can get in touch with them.
Thanks again for sharing