Sunday, March 28, 2010


Link courtesy of Jeff Gordon



Anonymous said...

this isnt mister tonio but the brilliant dutch comedian Toon Hermans !!
Toon Hermans was a conferencier and cabaretier who did veeeery funny conferences and songs and sometimes visual acts.
he is famous in holland and his sketces are imitated with many dutchspeaking people.
however hes dead severall years his sketches appear regularly on tv and he has sold tons of videos and dvds of his shows.
he has the record of playing the most shows in national theatre and has a statue in his hometown.

an idea of his genious: he has one sketch where he needs a tennisracket: the stagehand has to get it: but he has to wait for it. the waiting takes ten minutes and during that his does almost nothing.
he just stands their, makes a face sometimes or very little movement or watches his clock once. but the timing he does thiswith: the audience wets themself for laughing: INCREDIBLE
he is a kind of standupcomedian avant la lettre: but oldskool: no insults, no swearing, just clean nice" white" humour.

This sketch is his parodie on a magician.

dont bother for looking of other material of him because the rest is 99% spoken comedy in Dutch.

is his presence on this clownsite a good link??, yes it is : Toon loved clowns all his life!!

Anonymous said...

His name IS Toon Hermans, yes,but the sketch IS called Mr. Tonio.
I can still see my father crying with laughter during one of his shows...People actually DID wet themselves so the story goes:after one of his shows the Theater-Director took Toon on a tour through his theater and showed Toon the wet seats!!There has ,sadly enough no-one so far to replace him ..not even close...old-school ,like you said!!