Monday, March 29, 2010

CLOWN FEAR: Noel Benedetti



Anonymous said...

Ok, so, well . . . on the other hand . . . maybe . . . or, better yet, not.

Bruce the Clown

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the interviewees who had negative things to say were in duos/groups, and those who had positive things to say were solo. Shows how much of a social *expectation* it's become to hate clowns.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. How about we interview some pot heads from the 70's and ask them if they were freaked out by the band "Kiss"? Funny... if you are playing loud amped up rock music with clown make up on then that's perfectly ok and socially acceptable. I have never heard anybody say that they thought Gene Simmons was "creepy"

Anonymous said...

well the make up of kiss in front of your face is much more scary then a neat clown make up in front of your face!!
there are more scary make ups:
how about marilyn manson.... brrr or amy winehouse in a close-up, or gothics in al kinds of bizar faces and outfits.
What about hard rock band Lordi in their monster outfits and costumes, now THATS scary!!
a colourfull gentle clown whats scary about that?

Awful Cute Studio: The Spiffiest Place on Earth said...

I'm not sure what this video is out to achieve, it's covering ground which has been covered ad nauseum in my purview.

It appears it's become "catchy" for people to say "I hate clowns," like it makes them a little cooler. I have noticed that the vast majority of "clown haters" are in the 13-30 year old age range ... an age range most affected by peer pressure and the need to appear "cool."

In the 1980s, Opus the penguin traveled from Bloom County to New York City and was killing mimes with an olive loaf. Within the year, mimes were the butt of every stupid joke, and mime-hate was rampant. Now, 25 years later, clowns are the butt of jokes and clown-hatred is rampant.

The crappy amateurs putting on a nose and making squeaking noises instead of creating comedy aren't helping the cause. Clown is an easy art form to do badly. I bet it was a crappy amateur that traumatized Stephen King in the first place.

So blame King. Blame the stupid teenagers. Blame Opus the Penguin, but we should also blame ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I blame global warming.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Andrew, an old weather front, akin to "El Nino" and "La Nina", called "Los Yammas", has plagued the world for quite some time, and it causes folks everywhere to hate clowns...I don't blame them.