Saturday, May 29, 2010


Neal Skoy speaking with ICHOF inductee Jimmy "Happy" Williams. Unfortunately, Neal made the mistake of actually touching Jimmy during the conversation and Jimmy ordered that he immediately be punished for his transgression. As an inductee, it is his right and privilege to do so.

ICHOF inductees may not be touched. Ever. It is the law.

You might remember Gene "Cousin Otto" Lee caning the entire Joyful Joeys Clown Alley of Waukegan, IL after a photo op at the 1986 Milwaukee Great Circus Parade.

Karen informed Neal that it was now his duty to go out back and drink his own nose glue.

Deeply repentant, he complied without hesitation.

Karen and Greg assured Jimmy that Neal had done the honorable thing, we were all very sorry and that nothing like this would ever happen again. Unfortunately, as they did, they too touched Jimmy and were also ordered to drink their own nose glue.

The rest of the clowns spent the remainder of the Grand Opening ceremony with their hands folded and at a very respectful distance from Jimmy.

A council was hastily convened and it was decided, in light of all their hard work and dedication to the art of circus clowning and to the ICHOF, that Greg and Karen should be allowed to say a little something before the went outside.

It was both emotional and tearful.

They will be missed.

Afterward we all had cake.

And that made Sandy feel a little bit better.


Anonymous said...

I was smart enough not to touch Jimmy (though I may have pinched Richard Snowberg a little bit - but he didn't notice). It's a good thing too, since I don't have any nose glue as this photo shows I obviously don't need any!


Anonymous said...


Sadly, I was out of my nose glue... so I drank PAT'S new nose glue!


Could you let me know of a place to get that brand?


Also, that tall redheaded gentleman/oaf kept me company while eating your nose glue... he ate the remains of your flesh sticks mistaking them for real flesh...