Friday, June 11, 2010

BOBO BARNETT: Whiteface (circa 1920)

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnett-Murphy

Bobo's early, Felix Adler-inspired whiteface.


Anonymous said...

This is when clowning meant something.

Pat Cashin said...

It STILL Means something, when it's done well.

It's just seldom that it is done well.

A kid will see hundreds of hours of bad cartoon animation on TV throughout their childhood but might never witness even one pretty good clown in live performance.

The chances of seeing a great clown? Virtually nil.

And when they do, it's a rare treat.

john herriott said...

Interesting that in those early years he was a white face clown. I did not know him then, but his persona was not that of a White face clown. However he must have been very good in that style as his home movies suggest a degree of some affluency, so he must have been able to negotiate. His character in the years of his greatest fame were perfect for him. No doubt an ALL TIME GREAT.