Friday, June 11, 2010


In my never ending quest to lead new clowns away from the usual Tickles, Huggles, Giggles, Chuckles, Freckles and Sunshine and help clowns find that perfect, unique clown name, I submit the following:

1) Vidalia Onionbreath

2) "Nutty" Erna Squirrelturd (say it fast)

3) Derp Nerfowitz

Your welcome. Enjoy!


Billly The Clown said...

The girlfriend is just starting to clown, she wants to use "Jingles" as her clown name. Makes me cringe. Trying to convince here that "Patty" is a great clown name.

Easy for the kids, and it is always great when one of the kids yells "That's my name to!"

Freelance Dork said...

How about "Shammy Tiddlewinks"?

Anonymous said...

How about "IVOR Hackabollockov"

Anonymous said...

I like Dridnitch Snortholder, because it works equally as well for a guy or a girl clown.


Anonymous said...

My name is Fondle. Fondle the Clown.

-Brian F