Saturday, January 15, 2011

LES SHEPPARD CLOWNS: Bon Bon Entree (2010/2011)


Anonymous said...

Hi nice that you put me in your Blog, Have funn watching this video as i had great time doing the Show in Belium.!! Great show to be in.
Her ower version of the Familiar Bon bon Entré
Yours sinserly,
Gilberto Francesco Beeloo
Shepperd Clowns
Bye everibody and dont forget!!
Make them Laugh !!

Luis Rivera said...

Hello, my name is Luis Rivera. You can call me by my clown name Marcelino. I am wanting to become a clown, form a clown troupe and perform European clown acts. I have collected many clown acts which I shall mention to explain my case: the Hat Reprise (where I do some hat manipulation and then do a Buster Keaton bit with my hat), the Juggling Reprise (where I do some juggling skills with three balls and then attempt to catch them with my hat), the Invisible Ball Reprise (in the style of David Larible), the Handbell Entrée (in the style of David Larible), the Silent Movie Entrée (in the style of David Shiner), the Spotlight Reprise (in the style of Oleg Popov), the Music Box Reprise, a Musical Reprise (where I play a kazoo and sing Red Skelton's farewell song), the Nightingale Entrée, the Broken Mirror Entrée, the Bonbon Entrée, the Boxing Entrée, the Honeybee Entrée and the Jape Sketch from Monty Python. I created four clown characters. I got a question, in the Bonbon Entrée, how do you create the illusion of turning the ingredients in the hat into bonbon? Plus, can you give me advice on forming a clown troupe? Respond when you got time.