Thursday, March 03, 2016


The Go Fund Me site is live and accepting donations now, the Fund Drive begins in earnest this Friday at noon EST.

Our very first donation came from the five year old son of friend Jon P. Pult...

"Hi Pat,

I was telling my wife this morning about your fundraising plan to mark the grave of Slivers Oakley and my five-year-old, unprompted, handed me his little change wallet and said "Here, Dad. There's some paper money and some coin money, send it to the clown for his grave." It's 35 dollars. I'll match it.

Good luck with the project. I hope it works out."

There is something so cosmically, karmically, comically right about the first donation coming from a very sweet, very generous five year old boy wanting to remember a clown that he's never seen.

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