Saturday, October 24, 2020

The International Clown Hall of Fame Needs Your Help!

From ICHOF Executive Director, Greg DeSanto:

Yesterday, October 24th, the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center experienced heavy water damage to the interior of the museum. We were able to move artifacts to safer locations and have begun assessing the damage. Clean up and restoration of the building and artifacts will tax our very limited resources at this time, and it is with deep respect that the Board of Directors of the ICHOF humbly ask for your assistance. 

Any size contribution is greatly appreciated and we are confident that 2021 will see a return to full operations and many new exhibits celebrating clowns all around the world! 
Thank you for your support.

From a man resembling a potato: 

If you enjoy the content of this blog, much of which comes from the ICHOF archives, please consider making a donation during this difficult time. No amount is too small, and if you don't have any money to give, please consider sharing the above link on social media.

Thank you, everyone!

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