Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bernie Kallman

Bernie Kallman in a late 60s/early70s era publicity photo from the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. Other than being featured prominently in Jill Freeman's book Circus Days ( ) and Mike Naughton's assertion that Bernie was a great guy and a wonderful clown I've got no information on the man.

Anyone out there remember Bernie?


Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Bernie he was living in Baltimore and working as an electrian. Very nice guy and had great alley stories.


Anonymous said...

Bernie is alive & well,living in Balt. same place all his life.Yes he also is semi retired & working as an electrician in a Balt. hospital.part-time Bernie was on the Beatty-Cole show many years wore many colorful costumes & his gags were always fresh & tasteful. In my opinion he is & was one of the premier white-faced clowns of the 60sthru the early 80s

Anonymous said...

Bernie is alive and well in Baltimore. He is semi-retired and put the funny stuff in the trunk a long time ago. I wasn't known as Bernie in the pro world as I tried to surpress the human aspect of being a character clown. Clowns were always a fantasy an I perferred them that way. On Beatty Show from 60's through 80's.

Pat Cashin said...


Please shoot me an email at:

Pat Cashin

Anonymous said...

My name is Keith Karas and I currently serve as the President of COAI Free State Clown Alley #30 in Baltimore, MD. This alley's history goes way back and Bernie, Lou Walston, Walt Lee and many other clowns helped make clowning in Baltimore what it is today.

I am a semi-pro clown and circus historian and as such have several old COAI mags from the 1970's with Bernie's pic and dispatches while while he was "with it" on the road.

Gosh, our alley would be honored to hear some of his stories.

Bernie, please call me at 410.453.9288 if you are interested in either coming to out to an alley meeting one evening or being videotaped for an interview.

Anonymous said...

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David Miller said...

I was a staff musician with the CBCB circus during the 1971 season and Bernie was one of the clown/electricians that made me feel like family , since I joined the show late in the season.I lost his address, but remembered him being around the Baltimore area,teaching stage lighting at a college. Tell him his old tuba player wants to say hello. Dave Miller/Luessenhop