Thursday, September 07, 2006

Frank Oakley: Out of Makeup

Photo courtesy of Tom Dougherty

Another photo from the Tom Dougherty Collection of photos from the personal scrapbook of Frank "Slivers" Oakley.

This is the only photo of Frank Oakley, out of makeup, that I've ever seen.

Tomorrow, another photo from the Dougherty Archives and one that helps dispel the myth that Slivers was a "one trick pony" with only his famous Baseball Gag. Tomorrow: Slivers' Golf Gag!


billyb said...

Patrick...Thanks for providing a smile on my lived in face every time I see "The Alley"'s been delivered at my're my favorite e-paperboy and working laudromat Shrine clown... I appreciate the obvious respect and work you put in & share, for the love of all of us. Gracious grins to Tom Dougherty for sharing these very personal priceless pictures of the clown and the man under the face....When Tom & Mitch first opened the forgotten scrapbook of a real myth, I can't help but feel that Slivers ran around the bases and slid in heaven, knowing he was gonna have one more turn with a another bunch of clowns....From what Mitch told me over the phone, it was a rare steamer trunk of a treasure chest discovery....Can't wait to see what I'm gonna see tomorrow....thanks, billy baker

Pat Cashin said...

Thanks Billy!

Please send us some of YOUR photos!

I wish you'd post your appearance at the 20th CC reunion to YouTube so the world could see!

The most stirring and heartfelt rendition of "Send In the Clowns" I've ever heard!