Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rivel in Vienna

Charlie Rivel in Vienna 1940, the moment just before he yells, "Hey you dang kids! Get off of my lawn!" ; )

If you could judge a clown based on nothing more than the snug fit of his skullcap Rivel would STILL be legendary. Just look at that fit!


Anonymous said...

What is this? Creepy looking clown week?

Pat Cashin said...

Except for the parade clowns I don't think any of them look "creepy".

The look on Rivel's face is what makes this picture seem odd. When you see it in performance his face looks incredible.

There were some other black & white photos of European augustes earlier in the week that might seem strange. They aren't Disney "cute" the way that many of the mid to late Ringling Clown College-era makeups were but I wouldn't say that they are creepy either.

But if you want to see "creepy", just wait til I post the picture of Frank Cromwell that came in the mail yesterday. Now THAT'S creepy!