Saturday, June 09, 2007

RINGLING: Adler and Jerome

A 1935 Ringling press photo, which looks to have been taken outside the old Madison Square Garden, featuring Felix Adler (l) and Paul Jerome (r). The woman is unidentified, but I my guess is that it is Lola Dobritch.

Does this photo scream "CIRCUS" or what? Just throw an elephant in there and it would be an all-time classic!


dpowhitetiger said...

Young lady was Lola Dobritch sister of Al picture taken late RBBB - 40's. Refer to National Geo magazine for another great color picture of Lola. Lola still residdes in Sarasota...Get to visit with her each year during the February Circus Sarasota run. Still a Star.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

You are right!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Yes, you are correct - That is Lola Dobritch ( low wire walker with a parasaule) --We enjoy viewing your website. You do a great job and good performer. Thank you.
Do you have any photos on Jugglers? -- Truzzi, The Bruns, Howard Nichols etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Lola my greatAunt she lives in Sarasota and is well she is the sister of Al Dobritch, he was the inventer of Circus Circus in Vegas - thank you so much