Friday, June 08, 2007


I owe Mitch Freddes a very sincere apology for omitting his name from my discussions of the Slivers Oakley Project. I always credit Tom Dougherty, but that is because I had the original conversation with Tom backstage when I saw them on the Gold show a few months back.

Mitch deserves to be mentioned as well and will be from now on. He has done quite a bit to continue to preserve Slivers' memory and maintains a correspondence with Slivers' grandson.

In an effort to make it up to him, here are a series of photos of Mitch (and one with Tom) making up in the Gold Unit Alley and getting ready to show the audience exactly what classic Ringling circus clowning is all about: strong, appealing character, exemplary comedic skills and timeless material performed with unique style and flare.

And Mitch does that better than just about anyone working anywhere today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat for your comments and "coverage" of these two awesome professionals. They each have their own style, but bring so much to the circus world.
Hmmmmm, can you tell I'm a little biased? lolol
Barb D (Gold Unit)