Sunday, December 30, 2007

SUNDAY MORNING ART GALLERY: Lou Jacobs by Cowboy Mike Keever

Photos and comments courtesy of Cowboy Mike Keever

Jean & Dolly Jacobs with Cowboy Mike Keever, Oct 2007 Sarasota Florida

I just thought I would finally get around to sending you this is my wedding gift to Dolly and Pedro....I made it down to Sarasota, thanks to Chuck Sidlow for the Circus Wedding of the Century...that of Dolly deliver it myself.

It is a figure of Dolly's Papa, Lou Jacobs, about 3 months of carving a block of basswood then hand-painted and to capture that special sparkle always in Lou's eye(s) I placed a diamond in one eye.

The piece is on a base with a plaque showing the title......."Lou Friend" 2007 by Cowboy Mike Keever.

(No it's not a lamp ...the light is just above it in this photo)

I hope this finds you well,my friend. Happy New Year!!!

Your Friend,
Cowboy Mike Keever

For more information on Mike's artwork, please click the title of this post.

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Anonymous said...

I know what Lou is thinking...

"Where's that hunt'in dog uhh, rabbit"???